Grignolino d’Asti

Controlled Designation of Origin

Denomination: Grignolino d’Asti DOC
Grape: 100% Grignolino
Place of production: Fraz. Annunziata, Castagnole Lanze (Asti) Italy
Harvest: End of September
Yield: 80 kg per hectare
The grapes are harvested manually in the vineyard and are lled with care in cassettes for the transportation to the winery. They are then pressed and fermented at a controlled temperature of approximately 18° C with a maceration of approximately 2 / 3 days with frequent pumping over. Subsequently the Grignolino is drawn o and the fermentation is nished “in white”, meaning without the skins and pips, always maintaining a temperature of 18° C. At the end of the fermentation process, the wine is left to clarify with static decantation until the end of winter. It remains in stainless steel vats until spring, when it will be bottled: after about 1 month of ageing in the bottle, it will be ready to drink.

Alcohol: 12,50% abv
Service Temperature: 16° C.
Sensorial Profile:
Colour: Intense ruby red with violet hues that with time are inclined to orange.
Nose: geranium and cloves with rose and strawberries , clearly marked in youth united with decisive scents of white pepper which take the upper hand with the passing of time.
Taste:fresh and clear cut with a present but discrete tannin and a re ned bitter aftertaste.
Food Coupling:
Particularly indicated as an aperitif or with summer appetizers, pasta dishes. It will amaze you with fried fish.

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