Production Philosophy

Our watchword: Respect

We practise sustainable viticulture because we have the utmost respect for our land, our region and our future.

Our vineyard choices are inspired by the desire to obtain the highest quality grapes we can, with the maximum respect for the vines, the biodiversity of the soil and for those who work the land.

Here’s what we do:

Respect for soil biodiversity: Thanks to the correct management, it is possible to maintain and promote microbial flora and fauna in the soil. With these active microbes, mineralisation of organic compounds is possible.
We have practised the following in our vineyards for many years: Fertilising using natural, non-chemical fertilisers, mowing and tilling the soil, instead of using chemical herbicide sprays and allowing spontaneous cover-crops in the vineyard to protect against soil erosion.

Respect for the natural cycle of the vines: Low yields, working manually in the vineyards, no irrigation and limiting pest damage to the vines using just copper sulphate and sulphur.

Managing and maintaining small wooded areas between our vineyards in order to preserve the natural habitat of local wildlife and to allow them to repopulate the area.

Putting bird boxes in the vineyards.

Maintaining gravel roads and ditches to ensure proper water flow in and around the vineyards – both for the health of the vines and erosion control.

80% of our vineyards are reachable on foot from the winery, saving on the use of machines to reach them, and reducing harmful emissions.

Natural winemaking process with spontaneous fermentation and low use of sulphur dioxide.

Respect for the health and safety of our agricultural workers, and for the consumer.

The Green Experience


The The Green Experience guidelines, whose logo is characterized by a blue butterfly, are aimed at integrated productions attentive to environmental sustainability and the care of the landscape.

Over 3 years more than 1,200 wineries in the Langhe and Roero have been involved. We have experimented 700 ha of green manure & 500 ha of mating disruption.

There are ten rules at the core of The Green Experience: eco-sustainable solutions and reduction of chemical products in favor of agronomic and natural solutions.

1. Eco-friendly and sustainable viticulture and productions
2. Protection of biodiversity and of the natural environment
3. Aesthetic protection of the natural and anthropic landscape
4. Priorities to agronomic solutions and respect for the soil
5. Elimination of chemical weeding in vine-rows
6. Sowing of herbal and floral essences in the vineyard
7. Dissemination of useful pollinating insects
8. Location of nests for birds functional to cultivation
9. Respect and honesty towards consumers
10. Traceability of controls and external certification